Above: Drawing for performance.

Above: Performance installation - Tea Party

Above: Gaea in performance - Bed of Dust, 1986

Dog Story
Performance, 1986

Documentation recorded during a 3-hour live performance installation based on the Greek myth, the birth of The Furies.

The classic form of Greek narrative based in ancient oral tradition dissolves into "tea party" chatter.

The 'forever birthing' image of the goddess Gaea, Mother Earth, is represented by the image of the woman in the dust-laden bed.

The piece is based on two aspects of T I M E. The material sense of real time in the duration of the piece captured by time-lapse camera, and M E M O R Y, as spiritual time portrayed by Gaea's daughter, Mnemosyne (in white wedding dress), who steals things and speaks a eulogy to her brother, Chronus, while on the mountain (ladder).

Top left: Mnemosyne (memory)
on the mountain.

Bottom left: Wiley, (Dog of Hades)

Above: installation with tea party plate projection

Above: Final tableaux - Gaea extracts "teeth" after the birth of the Three Furies (in black coats) then begins canning process to preserve her large collection of teeth.
Gaea-E.Jay Sims, Mnemosyne-Joyce Suris, Furies/Tea Party - Patricia Bramsen, Natalie Warrens, Viki Engonopoulos