EJay with projection
of leaves over The Big Dress

Film collaboration by Ken Kobland / EJay Sims
2021 14:00 HD, HD Stereo     VIEW CLIP

Document of an installation in March 2021 of "THE BIG DRESS," a giant dress prop hung from the fire-escape of a building on the Bowery, NYC ... To honour a Hungarian grandmother, a seamstress who emigrated to New York in 1913 ... and commemorate the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire, of March, 1911.
    ..... in a small way, the film's the story of the irony that is America.

"THE BIG DRESS" blew and billowed with the wind from the fire escape and was lit up at night with an amber light that made it seem as if the dress really was ON FIRE.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

THE BIG DRESS was resurrected by EJay from her early performance series called THE DRESS, c.1984-86. The pieces explored feminine rights of passage through live movement, a sculptural oversized CLOTH DRESS, costumes, and projections of atmospheric film sequences.

Four material elements were used as metaphors for the seasons:

glass ••• summer --  the dress of birth

leaves ••• fall --  the dress of childhood and exploration

sticks ••• winter --  the dress of adolescence and making choices

stones  ••• spring --  the dress of maturity and perseverence

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