<•• 2020

2019 ••>

Spring 2003••>

deck and trellis built in 2000 ••>

Summer 1998

after a big hailstorm - we used the ice balls in martinis.

Spring <••1997 after big tree in back yard was cut down = new trellis

Summer 1997••>

Fall <•1997•>

Summer <•1993•>
privit hedge

Summer <••1993

Winter 1993 ••>

Spring 1992

<•• privit hedge arrives

first deck built ••>

Fall 1989••>

View from above looks down onto roof garden. This is the way the garden was when I moved here. The next spring I joined in tending it. It stayed this way until 1992 when the landlord tore out the old roof and rebuilt it.

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