Shorten/Sims Residence - Cat Bay, Flathead Lake, Montana

Panorama of interior curve looking northeast.

Looking southeast along inner walkway, entry and dog lookout.

South corner looking west toward lake and front entry.

The original concept for this house was based on a multi-level, passive solar plan. The house now stands as a curved structure with a shed roof built on three levels and surrounded by walkways and a deck. The interior curved southern-facing window wall is for sun exposure. The 1200 sq. ft. interior utilizes an open plan, much like loft/warehouse style living. The house has a screened-in sleeping nook that looks toward the lake on the north side. The exterior siding is vertical corrugated metal with Hardi-Plank (concrete-based) lap siding in-fill.  
Initial Design Plan: Mike Torgerson, Architect, Big Fork, MT

Final Design Plan: Sturdy Design, New York, NY

Builder: Shorten Construction, La Conner, WA