Still from opening sequence of the film.
The Dress

Based on my earlier performance series also named, The Dress, this film reinvents the concept of feminine rights of passage by mixing the icon of the DRESS (the female covering) with the HOUSE (shelter). ...P L A C E... Footage from the live performances has been intercut with all the film images that were used in the live performances forming a continuosly ...T I M E... evolving transformation of personal space as the female character rummages through her keepsake box reviewing the choices she has made -- the dresses she has worn. ...M E M O R Y

Huffines Montana Museum and Curio Shop en-route to Glacier Park, MT was a location for part of the lyrical painterly background footage. The place is no longer in business.

All the original location footage was shot in Super 8 film that was blown up to 16mm on an optical printer. The performace footage was shot in 3/4 analog video and final film was mastered in 3/4.

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