2002 Proposal for Site Design --- Washington Square Arts / Films

I reviewed print materials from a corporate identity overhaul, and proposed that the company adapt similar graphic elements to their site, also adding a number of animated graphic elements, and keeping a similar color scheme.

1. Add an animated flash intro page, something that would build up graphically to the main rollover that leads into the 2 general business areas. (see sample above)

2. Adapt the "socket & plug" theme that was used in their Arts Roster Promo into a random visual effect on a hot link.

3. Build in more randomness, as pages load, such as the substitution of letters in the titles, similar their business cards.

4. Adapt a version of their promo brochure cover to use as a general Web homepage layout with navigation layout plan. (see sample mock-up below) Colors of the side squares were to change or animate with user rollovers, and to indicate the different categories in the site.

These clients did not go forward with this design plan.