The Dress of Fall

Drawing for costume

The Big Dress with girl character and projection.

photo: The Big Dress, cloth prop.
The Dress Series

The performance series represented an exploration of feminine rights of passage through live movement, sculptural costumes and film sequences.
    Four material elements were used as metaphors for each season:

glass  -- summer --  the dress of birth
leaves  -- fall --  the dress of childhood and exploration
sticks  -- winter --  the dress of adolescence and making choices
stones  -- spring --  the dress of maturity and assurance

The Dress of Leaves was a cloth structure large enough for me to climb up inside. It was used as a projection screen onto which the film images played. The girl character wore a square dance dress with cowboy boots and carried a keepsake box (lunch box) filled with 'treasures.'

Dress of Sticks

Dress of Glass