Getting your Site Listed in Internet Search Engine.

Once you have prepared your Meta Tags and inserted them into your site documents, it's easy to get your site listed with search engines. You just have to let them know your site is out there. You tell a search engine about your site by visiting its Add URL page and typing in the info that it asks for. Try these links:

  • AOL Search Add URL:

  • Yahoo! Add URL:

  • Google Add URL:

  • Lycos Add URL:

  • HotBot Add URL:

  • AltaVista Add URL:

  • Using A Site Promoter

    There are a lot of different search engines and adding your site to each one by hand can be a bit slow. You can add your home page to many search engines at one time with a site promoter. A site promoter is a service that will announce your home page to many search engines at once. There are a lot of site promoters on the Web

    To get started, try the Site Promoter Page where you can register your site with multiple search engines from a master list -- for FREE. For more promoter options, you can also register at

  • Site Promoter Page:

  • Register for Site Owners:
  • It could take several days for your site to appear on a search engine. Thousands of new pages are announced every day, so have a patience. Start checking for your listing in 7-10 days by doing a search for yourself.

    Find Out about Meta Tags

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