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General Email -

Please send general email to

Telephone -

To reach the office at The Performing Garage,
please call (212) 966-9796.

Facsimile -

The Wooster Group's fax number is (212) 226-6576.

Reservations -

To make reservations for a show at The Performing Garage, please call (212) 966-3651.

Postal Mail -

Mailing address: The Wooster Group · Box 654 Canal St. Station · New York, NY 10013

Location of The Performing Garage -

The Performing Garage, a flexible black box theater, is the permanent home of The Wooster Group. It is located at  33 Wooster Street, one block north of Canal Street and one block east of West Broadway in SoHo, New York. The closest subway stations are the Canal Street stops of the 1&9, ACE and N&R lines.


Two Different Email Lists -

Email with »»subscribe twgnews YOUR NAME«« in the body of the message.

You can also join our new discussion group. Simply send an email with »»subscribe twgdiscuss YOUR NAME«« in the body of the message to Then post your rants and raves, questions, comments and everything but the kitchen sink to This list will not be moderated for now (unlike twgnews, to which only The Wooster Group can post), but please refrain from sending unsolicited email of commercial nature except for announcements of performances/readings/exhibitions/etc to the list: any spammers will be booted and blacklisted without warning. You have been warned! To prevent the flooding of subscribers' mailboxes it is not possible to send mail attachments of any kind, sorry. There is also a digest version of the list available, please send an email with »»help«« in the body of the message to to receive instructions on how to switch between modes.

Postal Mailing List -

To receive information about upcoming shows at The Performing Garage by surface mail, send a request with your name and full address to:




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