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Internship Program -

The Performing Garage accepts volunteer interns on an ongoing basis throughout the year. Usually two interns per day are scheduled between the hours of 10:00 to 6:00. The work consists of administrative support including filing, typing, helping with promotional mailings, etc. Sometimes technically skilled interns assist the Technical Director and technicians in the theater space. Additional work varies depending on the needs of The Performing Garage/Wooster Group and the talents/skills of each intern. All interns are encouraged to express specific interests. Interns may also have the chance to observe Wooster Group rehearsals. Interns have access to the extensive video archive of The Performing Garage.
The internship program at The Performing Garage is unstructured in the traditional sense, but offers opportunities for interns to become familiar with the administration and creative process of The Wooster Group and The Performing Garage. Given the small size of the company, interns are able to contribute greatly to the daily life of The Performing Garage. The minimum commitment is one full day per week, but some interns volunteer more time.
It is important to everyone that the internship be a mutually rewarding experience. Interns are encouraged to make time to observe rehearsals outside of their scheduled time at the Garage. Sometimes, relationships that are formed during the internship program continue for years and evolve into lasting friendships and professional relationships with THE WOOSTER GROUP and its staff.





Last update: January 2, 2003

For internship opportunities please contact:
    Internship Coordinator
    PO Box 654
    New York, NY 10013
    T (212) 966-9796   F (212) 226-6576