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ongoing Freelance Computer Grahics, Web and Multimedia Designer
New York, NY

I have worked on the internet for more than 12 years where I continue to assist a growing number of artists, educators, and business professionals in realizing their ideas on the Web and in New Media.

Selected Clients
The Art Institute of Chicago Perry Films Robert Zakanitch Schools and You
East Village Parks Conservancy Peter Levitt Quennell Rothschild and Partners NY4Parks Interactive Map
Additional Clients


Digital Photography
Web Design
3D Graphics
Digital Video
Video Graphics


Super 8, 16mm, Film Animation, Cinematography, Lighting Editing
Art Direction


digi8mm, miniDV, 3/4 1/2 8mm analog, Cinematography, Editing A/B Roll, Digital Editing, Sound, Analog/Digital


Curriculum and Facilities Planning, Teacher Training
Research and Development, Grantwriting


Photoshop, Final Cut Pro, DVD Studio Pro, iMovie, iDVD, Adobe Premiere, Sound Edit Pro, MMDirector, Strata Pro, AfterEffects, BBEdit, HTML, GoLive CyberStudio, Dreamweaver, Flash, Javascript, Illustrator, Painter, Pagemaker, Quark, MS Word


Recording, Sound Design, Analog/Digital


35mm Color B&W, digital photography


Sculpture, Ceramics, Carpentry, Set/Props Design, Installation, Sewing Costuming, Fiber Art, Silkscreening, Printmaking, Illustration, Drawing

Selected Technical History
ongoing Web Designer/Production Assistant Ken Kobland Films, New York, NY

2003 Freelance Website Designer
2002 Technical Production Assistant El Hierro Project for exhibition Documenta 11; Craigie Horsfield, producer. 4-screen 8+-hour projected installation about one of the Canary Islands; US Premiere - Whitney Biennial 2004
1987-88 Production Assistant Graphic Services, The Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago IL
... computer design and layout for museum labels, signage and in-house publications
1986-89 Communications Coordinator Experimental Film Coalition, Chicago IL
... developed pilot program on experimental filmmakers
1986 Video/Film Technician International Historical Films, Chicago IL
1972 Illustrator "Myths and Modern Man" by Barbara Stanford, Wash SQ Press, NY

In collaboration with Ken Kobland and Bill Waldman

This panoramic 'advent calendar' plays out an oral history of the last days of the Soviet Union.

Awards: Nominated Top 50-Internationaler Kunstpreis 2001; Best of Fest-Thaw 98; Honorable Mention-Parsons International New Media Design Festival 98
Web Exhibits: SXSW 99; World Video Fest 98; conduit 98; ISEA 97; prix ars electronica 97; film+arc-Graz 97
THE CUP ... personal art site - Web journal
Web Exhibits: WAAW 98 - Women Artists of the American West; ISEA 97; prix ars electronica 97

Exhibition: "Kindred Spirits"
Boulder Public Library, Boulder, CO
"The Cup," digital inkjet print series, 1998

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The Cup

1999 Once Before a Time ... art directed a children's film produced by Nancy Spanier Dance Theater and TellStarr Video, Boulder, CO


The Dress ... super 8 film/video

Four dresses represent seasonal changes: summer-glass fall-leaves winter-sticks spring-rocks ... the film portrays a female rite of passage as the character reviews the choices she has made (the dresses she has worn) while rummaging through her keepsake box.

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photo: still from The Dress


Edible Vegedibles, by Marion K. Sims (
animated e-book, work-in-progress)
1993 untitled ... documentary video of artist, Robert Meredith
1990-92 Dog Story ... film/videotape document
1988 agriculture ...16mm film
1984-87 The Dress ... film-performance series
1984 The Cow is D E A D ... 16mm animated film
1984 Installation ... animated film installation
1983 Still Life ... animated film installation
1981 Satin Doll ... super 8 animated film
1977 The Big Cheese ...16mm film

1989-90 This is Not a Love Letter
Randolph St. Gallery, Chicago IL and Ohio State University, Columbus OH
... ensemble performance
my room... the wallpaper a photo album projecting over the walls within which films play and live vignettes occur ... the piece deals with a woman growing older and walling herself into her memories.

photo: Kitchen Kachina -
the 'old woman' costume

1987 and 1985

The Dress:
The Dress of Glass  |  The Dress of Sticks  |  The Dress of Leaves

... solo performance series
Randolph St. Gallery, Chicago Filmmakers, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago IL; invited to perform as Emerging Talent in the Ceramic Arts for NCECA in St. Louis, MO
The Dress of Sticks Winter Carnival, Steamboat Springs, CO and Daley College, Chicago, IL ...solo performance
Dress of Glass Dress of Sticks Dress of Leaves


Red Zone
in Living Rituals BACA, Brooklyn, NY ... duet performance
1986 Dog Story and The Cow is D E A D Lill St. Gallery, Chicago, IL ... solo performances
1983 The Barbecue Banff Centre School of Fine Arts, Banff, Alberta, Canada ... happening
1977 The Big Cheese for Myth & Fantasy Boulder Fine Art Center, Boulder, CO ... happening
1976 Chic to Cheek Boulderado Hotel, Boulder, CO ... happening

MANEZH SQUARE nominated TOP 50
ctrl space" international \ media \ art award

BEST of the WEB 2000: Collecting
The Art Institute of Chicago Website

Review of the museum's on-line "Collections" guide.

Nominated Distinguished Teacher in the Arts, National Foundation for Advancement in the Arts
1994 Art Education Fellowship, Center for Basic Education, NEA and Getty Foundation
1990 Illinois Artist Fellowship, performance art
1989 New Forms Regional Initiative for performanceThis is Not a Love Letter
1985 Western States Regional Media Fellowship for film The Dress
1985 National Dean's List
1985 Emerging Talent, National Council on Education in the Ceramic Arts
1983-85 Scholarships, School of the Art Institute of Chicago and The Banff Centre School of Fine Arts, Banff, Alberta, Canada

1995 Permanent Teaching Certification Art Education, State of NY
1990-92 Art Ed Certification School of Visual Arts, New York, NY
1985 MFA School of The Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, IL
1970 BFA University of Colorado, Boulder, CO

Art & Technology Teacher Bronx Expeditionary Learning High School, Bronx, NY; NYC Board of Education
High school general art, and art technology
Faculty Advisor - Yearbook, and The National Honor Society
2004 Video Production Teacher P.S.A.s, Project Liberty, IS- 51, Staten Island, NY
Magic Box Productions - Nelle Stokes, Executive Director
Art & Technology Teacher The Dalton School, New York, NY
Middle school general art, and high school video-multimedia-digital art

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1990 Visiting Artist School of The Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, IL
Taught 4D in Undergraduate Foundations Program and 'sculptural' film
1989 Visiting Artist Ohio State Univ, Columbus, OH
Taught performance studies and a graduate seminar on representing artwork in the professional world
1986 Director of Education Lill St. Gallery, Chicago, IL ... taught ceramics
1984-85 Graduate Assistant School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, IL ... ceramics
1978-83 Artist-in-Residence Visiting Artist Program, Washington State Arts Commission, Olympia, WA ... ceramics
1977-78 Artist-in-Schools and Chautauqua Program Colorado Council for the Arts, Denver, CO ... ceramics and fiber installation
1971-76 Ceramics Teacher Brimstone Pottery, Boulder, CO ... taught adults

1996 Exhibition Coordinator A Man and a Woman in the Last Great War ... WWII drawings at The Abby and Mitch Leigh Fine Arts Center, Dalton School, New York, NY
1986 Director of Education Chicago Center for Ceramics Art, Chicago, IL ... ran not-for-profit ceramics education program for children
1986-87 Admissions Recruiter School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, IL ... conducted portfolio reviews at pre-admission conferences and advised potential students about “How to Prepare Successful Art Portfolios”
1980-83 Art Commissioner City Arts Commission, Ellensburg, WA
1977 Conference Administrator Professionalism in Arts & Crafts, Boulder, CO
1975-77 Gallery Owner Hot Pots Gallery, Boulder, CO
1972-77 Non-Profit Corporation President Brimstone Pottery, Boulder, CO
1971 Art Program Coordinator Multigraphis City Arts, Stillwater, OK

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