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(initiating the design process)
A. INITIAL CLIENT CONSULTATION(usually done in-person with client)
Meet with you or your representative who presents material for content and go over any concepts or ideas you may have. If the site has many different areas that involve multiple agencies, meet with each Web-coordinator separately to go over information specific to that area. At this time I also set up communication between our main technical programmer and the client's INFO TECH (IT) people for the purpose of determining the technical issues involved in the design. After this, I prefer to work on the project directly through ONE PRINCIPAL PROJECT COORIDNATOR who maintains the general overview of the project, oversees editorial issues and acts as liaison between the various integral parts.

B. PROJECT PROPOSAL: If requested and for coverage of designer production costs, prepare a proposal which can include the following:

1. Summary of Project and Objectives

2. Definition of Aim & Audience

3. Design Document: defining the structure of the project may include overall design concept, description of opening screen, flowchart, storyboard (optional).

4. Program Development (project milestones/timeline):

  • a. editorial development, includes rights clearances (client)
  • b. site architecture
  • c. design initial site sketches
  • d. site review with client
  • e. production: graphics optimize all design elements (designer)
  • f. production: html and other programming elements (designer /programmer)
  • g. site review with client)
  • h. upload to server
  • i. initial site registration on internet (designer)

5. Information About my Company:

  • a. mission statement
  • b. background & bios
  • c. URLs and previous clients/projects

6. Budget

PRODUCTION: Progressive consultations are scheduled as needed or as timeline goals are met. Generally, I work up a visual presentation of main homepage design and initial rough-out of site architecture and then do a presentation to the client.

A. After main site elements are complete, meet again with client for final approval.

B. UPLOAD SITE: After final corrections are made, the site is uploaded to the Web and the site address is registered with the main search engines.

Clients Want to Know:
How do I get my site listed with the search engines?