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(don't worry, if this sounds like a foreign language, I assure you that my experienced programmer can help with all this)

1. HOW BIG is the project? Estimate How many pages?, How many different areas?

2. What is the CURRENT STATE/STRUCTURE of the site and what kind of tools will it take to view the whole site? (NOTE: Access to computer platforms and web browsers varies, which means creating a site accessible to all, yet with a potential for elaboration for those with higher technical competency.)

3. MAINTENANCE: What is the Web server platform? What brand is the Web server? Who manages it?

4. How many areas of the site need to be updated on a regular basis? How AUTOMATIC does the UPDATING need to be? (There might be training involved for the client's Info Tech people to help administer a "content management system," whether template-driven or otherwise. Generally speaking, we prefer that this process be hospitable on the client's end.)

5. Can you use external publishers via FTP or is there a firewall problem? Is there an established FTP drop/pick-up site for transferring documents?

6. What CGI programs does your system administration allow you to use? Is there a policy about using other variations?

7. What kind of computers do you/staff generally use? Can you/staff regularly submit material that needs to be updated automatically? (I need to know this so that I may be able to generalize methodology for updating information.)

8. How many GRAPHIC elements do you intend to maintain on the site? On re-design projects, all existing graphics and media files need to be optimized for real world modem use (in other words no slow-loading large graphics or too many images per page).

9. Would any areas need on-line submission FORMS? Who will be responsible for maintaining these and how do they need to access the results?

10. Doesyou have a WEB HOSTING PLAN? What additional features does it include? (such as: #MB of space; ASP, Coldfusion; SQL, Access; SSL; Live Stats; Real Media; Shopping Cart; Site Search; Message Boards; E-Commerce; Java, Perl, PHP, C/C++... etc.) ____________________________________________________________________________________

Clients Want to Know:
How do I get my site listed with the search engines?
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